Endotherapy – Injection Tree

What is the endotherapy?


And ‘the method that allows the defense of the tall trees from parasitic events, insects, fungi, bacteria and environmental stress Shortcomings of nutrients through technical solutions that provide:

- Maximum effectiveness.
- Minimum dispersion of plant protection products in the environment
- Security of citizens
- Compliance with applicable regulations
- Effective interventions

The techniques endotherapic consist of injections to the trunk with systemic products that will be translocated from the plant within the xylem vessels, in the sense acropetal and basipetal.

When and ‘indispensable?

• For treatments close to homes
• For trees tall
• In the vicinity of water to runoff
• With the insects are difficult to control
• For specific diseases
• To protect the insects and animals useful


Machine for Endotherapy against processionary and Blastofago Pinus

Machine for Endotherapy against processionary and Blastofago  Pinus

Machine for Endotherapy against processionary and Blastofago Pinus

The peculiarities of this green in our cities, largely made up of very tall trees, next to homes or otherwise placed in areas of high public function, as well as the undoubted sanitation problems related to the dispersion of preparations acting antiparasitic the urban environment, have determined in time the need to find methods with low environmental impact for the containment of adversity.

Even in the field of urban green spaces are now apply the principles of integrated protection, which provide preferential use of alternative methods to those chemicals, the use of plant protection products at low acute toxicity and the use of means of distribution which safeguard the health and the security of citizens.

In this sense the treatments endotherapic, with whom, a plant protection product characterized by systemic properties is directly injected into the trunk of the plant, can be a viable solution to combat some parasites are difficult to control with conventional spraying to foliage. two in particular are the insects against which are particularly effective and appropriate applications endotherapic: Cameraria ohidella buckeye and Corythucha ciliata the plane tree.

It is also used against cancers, tigidne del Platano, limantria, aphids, bark beetles, processionary Pine and Oak, lame, cossus, infantria, mealy bugs, phylloxera of Holm etc.

Main advantages of endotherapy

• Avoid spraying traditional chemicals, less environmental impact
• Safety for operators
• Selectivity
• Persistence
• Period of application
• Scope
• Reduction of application rates
• Avoid the risk of accidental spillage of the product
• Avoid operating in bands at night time

Methods endotherapic are divided into two categories according to the mode of introduction of the pesticide in the plant:
• Injection absorption natural
• Injection pressure or to micropressure

The technology GREEN WORLD ALLOWS:
• Interventions pressure controlled predetermined
• Automation of operation
• Operating times per plant minimum (min. 3 min. To max 30 min.per some plant species, up to a max of h. 1 for other)
• Compliance with the recommended pressure thresholds for each species

• The execution of the services according to recognized standards
• The registration of products used as plant protection products, or as health centers, all strictly labeled.


• Recording of operational data
• Volumes injected
• Duration of application
• Dynamics of pressure
• Formulated employee
• Dose basis for dm of trunk circumference
• Concentration of use