Gardens Design and Realization

The most beautiful gardens are the result of good design.

The success of a garden depends on its ability to integrate with the surrounding buildings and the landscape, whether rural or urban, and it ”s why the Green World Consulting offers a variety of styles for all types of garden starting from the national styles to embrace the English, American, Japanese, etc., among which we can evidenziarvi the most prestigious.

Types of Gardens:

• Italian Garden
• Japanese Garden
• Garden Mexican
• English Garden
• Garden Arabic
• Roof Garden
• Turf Pratopronto

Italian Garden


Vegetation full color with hedges that surround the perimeter; the environment is enhanced by the structure of volcanic rock, ponds, aquatic plants, and fountains of various kinds.

Japanese Garden


Paving brick rustic fence made of bamboo and gravel that creates a composition from gentle rhythm and abstract, the setting is finished with dwarf plants and little flowers.

Mexican garden


Featuring architectural forms-plastic objects and cactus that create deep shadows,
  and make it a kind of surreal landscape.

English Garden


Typified by a compact and dense grass, flowering shrubs and tall trees,
enriched with rose bushes and flowering shrubs.

Garden Arab


Populated by Mediterranean trees such as palms, cycus, Ti, citrus fruits, flowering shrubs and climbing plants with bloom almost all year round; the environment is enriched with lakes “oasis” and waterfalls to get a harmonious and relaxing environment

Roof garden


Our gardens are carefully designed and manufactured starting from the specific customer requirements and wth  IT support for the simulation of the aesthetic and natural beauty.

The choice of plants is a complex balance between the needs of the environment and the degree of commitment that the customer is willing to lavish.

Creation of the base structure of a garden

Structuring a garden means to realize the fixed parts, such as walls, floors, fences and walls, only later entering the plants.

The main phases that are mandatory for the success of the garden are:

  • Investigation of the macro and micro environment.
    2 .Tracciamento, with the collection of measures.
    3. Potatura and general cleaning of plant residues to find the surface to be designed.
    4. Interventi with herbicides to eliminate weed (if necessary), treatment fithopatologic for restoration of trees, hedges and shrubs exist.
    5. La final phase will be that of the actual design and construction of the garden

The Green World Consulting can also offer:

• Design and construction of the irrigation system.

 • Network of drainage (if necessary).

 • Design and construction of the electrical circuit. Flooring of all types.

 • Walls.

 • Flower beds.

 • Small pathways.

 • gazebos (of various materials).

 • barbecue.

 • Playground.

 • Fences.

 • Etc.


giardini_siepe (1)

Design and implementation of pratopronto, a turf already adult able to be planted in any place.

The Green World Consulting is able, after years of approved experience, to design and manufacture various types of pratopronto using the best techniques available on the market.

residential lawns and sports characterized by a dark green carpet with leaf medium / large, a good temperature tolerance, resistance to wear, resistance in the shade; prefers sub-acid soils.

Ombra: residential lawns and sports characterized by a bright green carpet with fine leaf from an average resistance to heat and to a ‘good resistance to wear; prefers areas north and sub-acid soils.

-Green meadows residential areas suitable for cool-temperate used to make lawns course and tennis courts; characterized by a grayish-green carpet, poor heat resistance and an average resistance to wear, however, have a quick coating and a low resistance in the shade.

Dichondra: small residential lawns and flower beds, with elegant appearance, emerald green, it can also never be cut, has good heat resistance, poor resistance to wear and good resistance in the shade; prefers sub-acid soils.

-El toro: residential lawns, sports facilities, private gardens, featuring a lawn dark green leaf with medium width, excellent heat resistance, excellent resistance to wear (they are the most resistant), good resistance to shade, good resistance to soil saline

- Florida residential lawns and public green areas are characterized by a carpet deep green, leafy and short, highly resistant to heat, by an appropriate resistance to wear, excellent resistance in the shade; prefers neutral to slightly alkaline soils

- Mediterranean residential lawns, even down to the sea, characterized by a very thick carpet of emerald green color with fine leaf, excellent heat resistance, good resistance to wear, good resistance in the shade; prefers sub-acid soils.

- St. Anne: residential lawns, soccer fields, golf, tennis, ideal for gardens with children and / or animals, characterized by a light green rug with very fine leaf, from high heat resistance, excellent resistance to wear, needs full sun, prefers acidic soil or sub-acid.

- Masai: residential lawns, soccer fields, public parks and industrial areas, characterized by a turf light green leaves with bright medium / large, as an excellent heat resistance, excellent resistance to wear, it needs full sun, can also embed in calcareous soil or clay.

The Green World Consulting as well as the design and implementation of pratopronto also takes care to make the irrigation system for all types of turf.