Deratizations & Disinfestations


There are numerous species of insects that compromise with their presence the healthiness of the environment.
  Many of these, in addition to attacking the food are real “distributors” of germs that cause infectious diseases.

Much attention should therefore be devoted to this activity and therefore also in this area sas Green World Consulting work with a particular commitment, by treatments result of the most recent scientific research and employing selective products with low environmental toxicity.

We apply integrated pest management against various insect pests such as the Housefly, Tiger Mosquito, Moth Flour, Cockroach, Blattella Germanica, Oriental Cockroach, american, Periplaneta ticks, ants, scorpions, wasps.



Rats live in tribes’ organized and proliferate quickly, have a life span of two to six years and being voracious consume each year from 12 to 28 kg of food for human consumption and altering insudiciandone another 140 kg with feces and urine.

The mice are all in competition with each other and life during their search for food, especially at night, leave droppings, hair and urine gocciano continuously in order to be able to go back over the same track. Since the discovery of bird droppings can identify the pest species and traces of dirt with signs of gnawing can do to assess the extent of ‘infestation.

Signs of infestation can be constituted by cables gnawed.

Be advised that the common house mice can climb and penetrate into small cracks a few millimeters so that it is necessary to use prevention regulations and measures that do not allow any breach helpful to rodents.

Mice can transmit several diseases to humans (salmonellosis, leptospirosis, rat-bite fever and other serious bacterial contamination).

Since ‘are by nature suspicious, to eradicate mice and rats is necessary to have in-depth knowledge and specially selected products. The fighting systems consist of fast acting poisons which must be used with special caution. These types of substances can be used only by firms and highly skilled staff.

Green World Consulting SRL. is able to provide a correct approach and the right tools to fight rodent bait evolving low toxicity to humans and the environment and selective intervention procedures that provide a guaranteed effective service.