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Research on the red Palm weevil

In 2004, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Government of Saudi Arabia has appointed Dr. Metwaly the testing of methods of combating diseases of palms in collaboration with the Institute of Phytopathology and Entomology at the University of Cairo, Alexandria and Universities King Abdelaziz of Rhyad.

On the basis of the results we have obtained exclusive rights to the application of the therapy against the “red punch,” we have set up, on the palms affected by the parasite present in the territory of the Arab countries.

Since 2007, we have launched a two-year interdisciplinary research project aimed at the development of biological products for the nutrition of the palm and the control of major pests and pathogens, especially the “red punch”, in collaboration with the Department of Geology, Mechanical Engineering, Naturalistic and hydraulics for the Territory, University of Tuscia.
  Since 2008 we are in the European Study Project funded by the European Union and supported by the Arab States in which there are Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt, the UAE, Turkey, Greece, Spain, and Italy. The study is interdisciplinary and aims to combat diseases of palms. It provides, through a comparison between the plant morphology and behavior of pathogens, detection of palm varieties resistant to the parasitic fungus Fusarium oxysporum and new pesticides against “Rhynchophorus ferrugineus.”




The results of a large number of samples have shown the effectiveness of the treatment endotherapic, allowing recovery of the vitality of plants also badly damaged. Excellent results have been obtained by us is in the Palermo area, and along the Tyrrhenian coast, particularly that of Latium and Campania.

Dr. Agr. Nabawy Metwaly, is the holder of the international patent No. 2005110472 Machinery for the practice endotherapic Treevital Endopalm and methodology to combat the “red punch” of the palm. The products for the treatment and perfusion in internal translocation, are duly registered and authorized by the Ministry of Health. The operations are performed by experienced personnel trained, qualified and insured for social security purposes and accidents. All operations are conducted in compliance with current legislation on occupational safety excluding the Customer from any liability for damage to property and persons caused by the processes of our expertise.

From 2008 – 2009 We have undertaken a research, with the Institute for International Research ENEA Casaccia – MRI for the evaluation of systemic translocation of certain products and the preparation of our specially mixed for the palm trees and the development new systems for the control of the insect on the Italian territory.

Design, implementation and management of green spaces – Technical and Operational Manual

By Dr.. Agr. Nabawy Metwaly


This book is a practical and comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to design or renovate your garden, terrace, balcony, porch. A beautiful garden is not born by chance, but is the balanced mix of many elements: the house, the fence, the access road, lawn, trees, shrubs, and more.

Create a garden do you mean to include these elements in a pleasant way and in harmony with the environment, without sacrificing the convenience and does cilitates maintenance of the green.

The text describes the various types of garden, also showing some examples of works already carried out. The treatment, comprehensive and easy to read, ranging from the creation of the gardens to the study of the planting of trees and construction of the turf, analyzing the main specialized topics, such as the choice of the most suitable plants, the lawn more appropriate plans maintenance and fertilization of ornamental plants, the identification of the major diseases of flowering plants and turf and the methods of struggle.

In light of the growing awareness towards. of environmental and landscape, this guide proves useful guide for anyone who wants to make a garden tailored, through all key stages, from choosing the style, the design up to the final result.