Metwaly Method Endotherapy


The TREE VITAL – ENDOPALM® method at low pressure, gets positive results since  TREE VITAL – ENDOPALM® works without interruption and it is able to inject notable quantity of solution BIORYNK (2 lt. within 3 minutes) inside the palm trunk guaranteeing a total coverage.

Dr. Nabawy Metwaly set up special needles for palm, studied for reaching the vascular band through the inactive layer of the trunk.

These are holes are practiced by a drill and thanks to their dimension and their particular shape, the medical disposable is directly introduced  in the fibrous internal part, rich in water. In this way the quantity of solution injected can be moved with rapidly from the zone of the injection up to the capital and to the vegetative apex.

Endoterapia Treevital Punteruolo RossoThe palm can be protected in hit part and all the stadiums of the insect are eliminated (adults, eggs, larvas and cocoons).

The product, the methodology and the machine TREE VITAL ENDOPALM®guarantee  the control for the whole period of life of the insect and it guarantee a total coverage for 3-4 months in Italy and till 6 months in warm countries (Egypt and Saudi Arabia)

The method TREE VITAL. ENDOPALM ® to low pressure foresees:

  • cleaning of the head from all the dried or attached leaves
  • holes of introduction for the medical disposable phytosanitary
  • introduction of the product inside the plant with a varying pressure from 1 to 4.5 cafes
  • needles in brass (to insert in the practiced holes)
  • external irrigation located to the head of palm with special
  • Tank has capacity of 14 lt. and it’s not necessary extinguish the machine to add product and to continue the treatment.
  • The appropriate valve allows to regulate the exercise pressure with maximum precision.
  • The litium battery can recarche in 3 hour with autonomy of 3 days, it’s possible to cure over 150 palms with 1 charge.
  • Inside Mixer allows to mix the products in continuity. Inside Filter in steel INOX.
  • Weigh to Vote 13 kg.
  • The machine is over a steel trolley and it is easy mooving.
  • There’s a little water tank for emergency washing.

TREE VITAL – ENDOPALM® Is the solution to the demands to the professionals that must make to fit costs, quality of the service, respect of the uman being and of the environment.



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