Rodenticide – Bromax


Bromadiolone  gr. 0,005
Denatonio benzoato  gr. 0,001
Sostanze appetibili q.b. a gr. 100

BROMAX is active against all varieties of rats and mice, even against those who have demonstrated resistance to other acting anticoagulant rodenticides. It acts by ingestion to lethal doses, it is enough that the rodent food even once to die. Death occurs within a few days to internal bleeding, mice, taken by a sense of suffocation seek the air and then tend to die outdoors BROMAX contains a substance (denatonium benzoate) which makes it inedible to children and pets.

The bait in piles of at least 20-40 g, should be used in an enclosure with access only provided for the target animal and placed in places frequented by rodents (houses, basements, garbage dumps, floors, roofs , sewers, banks of ditches, etc..). The baits must be arranged so as to minimize the risk of ingestion by other non-target animals and must be secured so that they can not be dragged away from other rodents. Gradually replace the bait consumed and increase the quantity of the same if it is in the presence of a strong infestation. Do not touch the bait with your hands as the rodents feel the smell of man. During treatment, the affected area should be clearly signposted. Dead rodents must be removed from the treated area at frequent intervals and the carcases must not be thrown in the trash or landfills. The end of treatment must destroy the remaining baits or erase them in a suitable place.

Do not ingest – Keep out of reach of children – Keep container tightly closed – Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling – Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves – Avoid contact with skin and eyes – Do not reuse container – Do not contaminate when using food, drink or vessels designed to contain – Mask the bait in places frequented by people or pets – the end of treatment, destroy the remaining baits or store them in a safe place – After handling and in case of contact with skin, wash immediately with soap and water – if you feel unwell seek medical advice immediately (if possible show the label) – Keep away from food, drink and animal feed – not to be used in agriculture.

To deploy the product, follow the instructions given on the label. Always make sure that the packages are intact and do not bear any sign of tampering.



This information is restricted to healthcare professionals: Doctors, Hygienists, Parasitologists, Pharmacists, Veterinarians, Heads of Ecological Services