Reptiles Wean


Granular READY

The granules of Disabituante release an unpleasant odor reptiles (snakes, lizards, geckos, etc …) that will tend to move away from the treated area. The product is harmless to humans and animals and causes no damage to the lawn and plants.

METHOD ‘FOR USE: Spread the product in areas infested with reptiles or where you want that they can not reach. It is applied along the perimeters of homes, gardens, parks, campgrounds, swimming pools, storage timber, box, etc.

Ads By minibarIl × Disabituante be deposited on the ground by wide strips about 15 cm at a dose of 100 grams per 10 square meters of treated soil. In the case of high number of reptiles you can increase the amount of tasks up to its doubling, or up to 200 grams per 10 square meters. Repeat the treatment after 20 days, or after irrigation or rain.

WARNING: Do not use the product for purposes other than those listed – Store
product tightly sealed in original packaging, in a cool, dry place – Store in a place inaccessible to children and away from food and drink – Contains inert material (clay) and aromatics active.
Do not dispose of the container after use.
Contents: 1 kg