Biorynk Natural Oils

Biorynk – 10 natural oils for Red Palm Weevil Defense


BIORYNK Plant Extract complex natural oils and nutrients of plant origin and spread of more efficient plant in containers intended for injection and spray the outside.

Active substance 10 natural oils homogeneous easy soluble in water and is impact chased and fought for all phases of the insect because of it contains a set Oils and Plant Extract pilot with high permeability, which have the ability to work corrosion layer cortical that protect the insect full of red palm weevil through contact and also the killer of THE LARVE CYCL  harmful deadly of the tissues Palm through contact or feeding on contaminated tissue treatment and the boat where the dissolving of cholesterol surrounding the larva touching and feeding when intoxicated intestinal supernatural and works on the erosion of the digestive system of the larva up to die.

As well as virgins within the cocoon when exposed to the compound and even a few percent occur paralysis rapidly due to poor material cortical  0 and also the boat’s natural Bio-RNC contains nutrient elements of minor and major of plant origin, a nutrient also for the Palm, especially palm patient to compensate for tissue damage has taken into account the inability to adapt to use the same extract and therefore not added essential oils and natural plant extracts pungent of the same family.

Features Biorynk

test-laboratoriSafe for the environment and worker health and residues in fruits

  1. Modify the acidity and salinity in the water used in mixing the pesticide because of it contains an Zinc micro element
  2. increases the natural immunity of the Palm because it contains the entire feeder Minor and major elements and the protean  nature and vitamin and amino acids from vegetable
  3. Composite fast diffusion within the tissues of the syringe and Palm does not have any negative impact on the health of Palm
  4. With deadly effectiveness by contact for all phases of the insect and increases defense for Palm and for the protection from injury for a long time
  5. is also used Ka-fungal compound to disinfect wounds resulting from the rupture of vital tissues because it contains a component of phosphate and potassium
  6. Biorynk  no safe time to harvest the product and does not have any residues in fruits
    Compound used widely in some Arab countries and the European view of the ITS safe for the environment surrounding the 7-8 Resists pests such as the palm of the other dust disease, or spiders, foliar spotting and Al dubas.

And ratios of Use

Used in the process of injection logs and roots with average of 5 – to 10% in the case of spraying the outer 3-5%

Injection is recommended to use a machine you see at Italian Vital injection either spraying the outside must be sprayed all Palm fronds, and the head and also the barrier of the trunk until contact with the soil and roots

Remember the boat

You must save it in a place not exposed to the light of the sun and in the temperature of not more than 37 degrees Celsius and degrees for no less than 5 ° C
Valid for a period of 3 years from the date of production.

1 liter – 5 liters – 20 liters.

Biorynk Safety Data Sheet

Biorynk Radioactivity Certificate