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 Interview Dr. Nabawy Metwaly

La7 Dr. Nabawy for the care of the Palms

 Interview Dr. Nabawy Metwaly – Jimmy Ghione

Leader world in the struggle against the correlated pathologies to the palms

Green World Consulting is operateing since 1994 for the planning and realization of green spaces, for the care of the ornamental green and it devotes particular attention to the realization of the irrigated fittings and the harmonic development of the vegetable composition. Our enterprise uses the experience of its founder and his “team” expert in the environmental sector; currently it covers the “leadership” world in the struggle against the correlated pathologies to the palms. The activity against the Red Palm Weevel strated in 2004/2005 with the appearance in Italy of the terrible insect, and before, in 1999 in Saudi Arabia.

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